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What to do when your child cries at drop off…

The first week or two of school are usually the most challenging event in the beginning of a new school year. Being away from your precious child either for the first time or after a long festive holiday.

Children might get clingy at the school gates or cry at the classroom door. You might have to reluctantly leave an upset child. But rest assured that it almost always works out. Other children will befriend or distract them. Once you’ve gone, the tears usually dry up within minutes. Leave them in the capable hands of the teacher and classroom assistant. Trust the professionals.

If your own lip starts to wobble, try not to get weepy until safely out of sight. Tears tend to be contagious. Before you know it, you’ll set your child and other parents off.

Mainly, though, take a deep breath and don’t stress out. Smile, even if it’s through gritted teeth, and keep some perspective. Something will get forgotten. Hiccups will happen. Tears will be shed – probably the new pupil’s, almost certainly their mother’s, possibly their father’s.

It might be bittersweet but the new chapter will begin and everything will turn out fine.

Good luck with the new school year!

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