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Chores for Children

Pitfalls to Avoid When it Comes to Chores

Don’t insist on perfection.

No one is perfect, and it’s better to have a more relaxed approach to how well your kids do their chores. Otherwise, you might have a struggle on your hands. Or you might jump in and do it for them, which would undermine the whole point.

Don’t delay.

You might think your child is too young. But your kids may be more capable than you think. Kids can do a lot of chores at an early stage. For example, getting clothes to the laundry or cleaning up after dinner.

Don’t be stingy with praise.

Get that praise going right away! Don’t wait until the chore is done. Praise and encourage the child while the chore is in progress. You want to build positive momentum, especially with young kids.

Don’t be inconsistent.

Follow through with your expectations, else they might start putting chores off in the hope that someone else will do them for them.

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