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Over the years – Heavenly Flowers has been proud to host and participate in a number of Special and Unique functions. Join us here as we remember these incredible moments:

5 August 2016 – Heavenly Flowers achieves GOLD at the Eisteddfod 



Zelda Francois

Me, Myself and I


Me Myself or I

Who do I love most?

Me am most important

Myself is more excited.

I am now confused

Who is who?


Tinayeishe Chilamhi

My Little Pup


My little pup

Can jump up high

He can also

Chase his tail

He loves to fetch

The ball I throw

And he plays

With me all day.


George Mudhara

The Clock


Listen to the big clock

Tick tock, tick tock

Look at it’s hands move

Round and round

Listen to it’s bell chime

Ding dong, ding dong


Mvelo Manzini

My Little Pup


My little pup

Can jump up high

He can also

Chase his tail

He loves to fetch

The ball I throw

And he plays

With me all day.



























Another Proud achievement by our Heavenly Flowers young Grade R students.


All four of our contestants exceeded 80% and were duly awarded Gold certificates.


We salute each of our rising stars and applaud our dedicated Heavenly Flowers teacher Lebone for her time, patience and Love to have achieved this Wonderful award.

30 July 2016 – Heavenly Flowers ROCKS at the AHG show 


30 July 2016, saw a unique unity of the Afrikaanse Hoerskool Germiston, Dinky Dolly and your very own Heavenly Flowers, coming together to celebrate our young stars.


Taking the Heavenly Flowers stage for the last time, our precious winners of 2015 bowed down in true Heavenly Flowers spirit, as our new contestants took to the stage.

2015 Winners

Taking to the stage in our Baby Entries were:-

2016 entries - baby

Illuminating the stage with their smiles in our Junior entries were:-

2016 entries - junior

Strutting their confidence in our Senior entries were:-

2016 entries - senior

Our Heavenly Flowers winners for 2016, as evaluated by an independent panel of judges, are :-

In the Heavenly Flower Baby Section:

2016 winners - baby

The Heavenly Flower Mr and Miss Juniors:

2016 winners - junior Our Proud Mr and Miss Heavenly Flowers seniors 2016 are:-

2016 winners - senior

Heavenly Flowers wants to thank each and every one of our precious contestants, they all deserve our admiration and  applause for the courage and confidence it took for them to stand up and take to the stage as they did.

To our Heavenly Flowers winners, we salute you and welcome you to the Heavenly Flowers – Hall of Fame.


Some Amazing bonus moments from this day:


How your children’s teachers can ROCK a stage.!

So young, talented and influential within a crowd; where will this confidence get young xxxxx one day.?





June 2016 – 67 minutes celebrating South Africa’s – Mandela’s day

Mandela Day 2016

June 2016 – 67 minutes celebrating South Africa’s – Mandela’s day

We would like to thank each and every parent from the Heavenly Flowers family for opening their hearts to help us make this a super special day.

With the help of Happy Hearts and NG kerk Lambton we managed to transport 50+ old angels into our various schools to spend some quality time with our children.

Thank you NG Church Pastor Enslin and Tanya Potgieter from Happy Hearts, for helping us with the transport.

Thank you to each parent for allowing your child to be a part of this awesome day.

Thank you to each parent and company for filling the blessings in a bag and allowing us to send each person away with a little hamper.

Thank you to each parent for all the snacks and sweeties and juices and everything else that you always give so willingly.

Thank you to each staff member for all your hard work and dedication.

Thank You Jesus for being our Rock that we are building a rock solid foundation on.

Alone we are nothing, together we are so much stronger!!

Communities coming together much stronger than ever before. Bonds that can never be broken.

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