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School owner Mrs. Heidi Searl at the Heavenly Flowers Birthday Bash on Saturday, October 28th.

School owner Mrs. Heidi Searl at the Heavenly Flowers Birthday Bash on Saturday, October 28th.

To our blessed children, parents and all that helped make Heavenly Flowers 10 Years Birthday Bash, Sports day and Grandparent’s day 2017 as successful as what it was, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, your support and contributions.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Germiston City News and their wonderfully talented journalist who so often publish our events. The article they wrote about Heavenly Flower’s 10 Years birthday bash really helped with getting the message out there and with some much appreciated publicity for our school. A simple thank you can not describe the appreciation we feel for having a professional team like theirs reporting news and information within our community on a daily basis

Once again our parents, extra murals and community rose above expectations and together with our awesome team of teachers we were able to raise almost R6000.00 in funds that will go towards our next school project.

Amongst the numerous improvements at our school experienced over the last couple of months, we are preparing now for one of the most challenging and daunting projects that Heavenly Flowers has taken on.

The building and establishment of our primary school building on the vacant land that we already started with. This may take a few months or years depending on our available finances to complete, but with all the support we so often receive from our parents and with the grace from God we are ready to tackle the challenge one month and one step at a time.

Another important project, is the upgrading of our classrooms and playgrounds that will continue over the festive season to ensure everything is ready when our students start the new year.

We want to thank you for all your love, time and contributions that you bestow upon us. May God’s blessings cover every aspect of our life.

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