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Heavenly Flowers Curriculum.

From Infants until 4 years old.

ECD curriculum.

ECD Standards for Early Childhood Development Programme which is based on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and features the 6 ELDA’s (Early Learning Development Areas). Designed to confidently implement the National curriculum Framework for children from birth to four years old (0 – 4 years).

Grade R till Grade 7 .

CAPS Curriculum

CAPS stands for Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements. It is a revision of the current National Curriculum Statement (NCS). With the introduction of CAPS, every subject in each grade will have a single, comprehensive and concise policy document that will provide details on what teachers need to teach and assess on a grade-by-grade and subject-by-subject basis. This curriculum review has the aim of lessening the administrative load on teachers, and ensuring that there is clear guidance and consistency for teachers when teaching.