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13 Years ago, in 1997 – Mrs. Heidi Searle stepped down from a successful Corporate career after the birth of her youngest daughter ‘Dianthe’ which from Greek decent means ‘Flower from the Gods’ to focus on her passion she always felt as a mother.

 Inspired and guided through Christianity, she decided to use her life savings and open a School within the community that provides children with a fun, safe, and loving environment.

Her passion was and is still to this day to instil Christian values that were more than just preparing young children for school.

Based on her own daughter’s name and the inspiration by the Biblical passage Matthew 5:14, Heavenly Flowers Pre-primary School came into existence.

Heavenly Flowers Pre-primary is an independent and diverse school that strives to stimulate young children aged 12 months to 4 years.

 Our goal is to grow independence through holistic education, in a caring environment.

Our school has a dedicated potty-training class with a qualified ECD registered teacher who has completed the necessary Infant First Aid training as required by the Department of Education.

Our toddlers also follow Day to day CAPS aligned themed curriculum to ensure that the foundation blocks are in place when they progress to our Private School.

School of Affirmations caters for students Grades R – 7. For more information regarding our Primary school, please visit our website at www.schoolofaffirmations.co.za

Our Mission

At Heavenly Flowers Pre-Primary, teaching is what we love to do. 

We want every child’s first experience of school to be happy and enriching. Our aim is to provide your child with a nurturing learner/educator relationship, where they can experience individual attention and become active participants in the spirit and ethos of the school.

The classes are small which enables a close personal relationship with daily communication between teachers and parents.

Our Vision

To ensure that foundations are laid for a successful transition into formal schooling.

This is achieved by opening up the wonderful world of learning to your child. It is during this phase of your child’s life where they will acquire knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that allow them to become confident and independent thinkers.

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